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Water Removal

Water Damage Long Island Pros is the professional authority in water removal on Long Island and flood damage restoration. We offer a full menu of services to help our customers during these stressful times, including drying out wet timber, flooding treatments, flood cleanup, sewage cleanup and much more. With over 35 years of experience protecting homes across Long Island from unexpected water disasters!

Water damage of any kind can be devastating to your residential or commercial property. If you have excess water intrusion on your property, our expert team at Water Damage Long Island Pros is ready to execute our step-by-step water removal process:


Ensure Safety

Safety is always the first item on our working checklist. Once we are onsite, our team will decipher if there are any potential safety threats to you, any other property occupants, and of course our team. First and foremost we will determine if there is any risk of electrocution. 


Identify and Stop the Water Source

Before we can successfully remove all the water from your property, which oftentimes entails water removal from basements, we will inspect, identify and stop the source of the moisture. Finding the source of the water is integral and allows us to effectively devise an action plan that will remove all the intrusive water and most importantly, prevent it from happening again. 


Test for Contaminated Water

We know how important a healthy property is to you. Our expert team will identify the specific type of all water damage and test for any levels of contamination, including lead and asbestos, mold, mildew, or sewage, based on the latest industry guidelines. 


Assess Extent of Property Damage

We will determine just how far the water has traveled throughout your property to ensure a complete and definitive restoration and to prevent any further damages. Afterward, we will complete a comprehensive safety inspection so we have the full picture of any damage to your property.


Destroy Mold

If your property has flooded, unfortunately, mold formation can quickly follow. Mold thrives on moisture and cold and any amount can be dangerous to your property and all of your property’s occupants. We will identify and eliminate all sources of mold caused by excess water intrusion. We are also on the lookout for any mildew, bacteria, sewage, and any other hazardous pollutants left behind. 


Respect Property Contents

We will carefully move and/or fence property contents such as furniture to help prevent further damage from water such as stains and rust. We will also inspect all flooring, subfloors, walls, and essential structures in the affected areas and advise you on whether or not they can be salvaged or need to be replaced. 


Water Extraction

Time for the main event! Our team is ready to remove as much water as possible from all areas of your property, including basement water removal, with the latest techniques and industrial equipment including dehumidifiers and wet vacuums. Our attention to detail allows for a faster drying process and minimizes the onset of mold, contaminants, and secondary water damage.



We will work with you and if applicable, your insurance adjuster, to safely remove, dispose and/or destroy damaged materials according to the latest industry guidelines and environmental standards.


Dry, Dry, and More Dry

After completing our thorough water removal process, we will address any moisture that has soaked into floors, walls, and property contents such as furniture. Any water accumulated here can lead to further damages including mold formation, swelling, and warping. We utilize all the latest water analysis tools to monitor temperature and humidity to ensure that we properly dry out your property. 



So we’ve removed the water on your property and completed the drying process. It’s time to scrub away any remaining odor, dirt, and bacteria especially if the water we have just removed was contaminated. It’s time to deodorize, disinfect and fully sanitize your property by using the latest antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning procedures and treatments. We will also inspect all the affected property contents to determine what items can be properly cleaned and salvaged. When applicable, we are also here to dispose of any items that can not be restored. 


Mitigating the Water Damage

After our cleaning process, it is time for our team to repair as much of the damage caused by the water intrusion as possible. Our team is able to provide minor building repairs, tarping, board installation, and fencing off of affected areas. If there is significant structural damage to your property, we can also provide a detailed assessment and help you find the right contractor to get your property back to its original state. 


Comprehensive and Interactive Checkout

Water removal may seem like a stressful and overwhelming experience. But good news: you have found one of the leading water removal companies in Long Island, NY. And after our work is complete, we don’t just walk away. We take you through all our inspections, assessments, and completed procedures. We take this time for you, so you can ask any questions you may have or express any concerns. 


It’s time to get your property dry! Contact us today to learn more about our water removal services and/or to arrange for a FREE instant quote. You can contact us via phone or by email.

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