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Sewage Cleanup

Water Damage Long Island Pros is your go-to Sewage Cleanup company on Long Island. With more than 35 years of experience, this team has helped thousands of homeowners bring their homes and businesses back to an inhabitable condition following sewage cleanup and flooding damage.

Sewage Backup. Two words that no residential or commercial property owner wants to hear, let alone experience. 


Our team at Water Damage Long Island Pros understands that every property owner dreads a sewage backup for all the obvious reasons. But did you know that a sewage backup on your property can also be extremely dangerous? 


Raw sewage is toxic and can make you and/or your property’s occupants very sick. The water from a sewage backup may contain viruses (including hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus), bacteria, and other microbes that cause severe illnesses for you and/or all your property occupants (even pets!) Sewage cleanup requires specialized skills, equipment, and techniques for proper cleanup and sanitation. Good thing, you’ve found us. 


So what’s the first step? 


Well for starters, don’t be a hero and take this job on yourself. 


Sewage cleanups involve more than just nasty sewage smell in your house and/or sewage smell in your bathroom. The fact of the matter is that the majority of consumer-grade treatments are not strong enough or meant to combat all the biological contaminants left behind due to a sewage backup.


There are three types of contaminated water resulting from a sewage backup on your property: 

  1. Clean Water - You can also refer to this as “good news” water. As its name implies, this category of water comes from a clean source. For example, a broken water line or faucet. Unfortunately, this good news water can morph into bad news water, aka the second and third types of contaminated water, due to being left untreated, temperature, and/or coming into contact with other contaminants. 
  2. Gray Water - This category is a lot more serious. Greywater contains significant amounts of contamination such as bacteria and viruses. This type of water may result in illnesses or at the very least significant discomfort if ingested by you and/or your property’s occupants. Greywater sources include dishwasher, washing machine, and/or toilet overflow (specifically containing some urine but no fecal matter). If not treated immediately, gray water can become the third category of water.
  3. Black Water - This category of water may contain harsh chemicals, untreated sewage, and microbes. Ingesting this water can result in severe illnesses or even death. It is imperative that no one, and we mean no one, has contact with black water. Blackwater sources include water from flooding rivers or streams, sewer backup, toilet bowl water containing fecal matter, water from beyond the toilet trap, and/or standing water that contains the beginnings of any microbial growth. 

Raw sewage also allows bacteria and mold to form quickly and thrive on your property. The resulting bacteria and mold can spread quickly, often in as little as 24-48 hours, and can cause extensive damage to your property including rot, odor, and reduced air quality. 

Our expert team at Water Damage Long Island Pros is bio-hazard certified and ready 24/7 to provide you with the leading sewage cleanup services, sewage removal, and most importantly to make this entire process easy on you and your wallet. For over 30 years, we have been tackling sewage backups, any resulting contaminants and ensuring that all affected structures are properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized according to the latest industry and environmental standards. 

And when we have successfully restored your property back to normal, we will conduct an exhaustive and comprehensive inspection of your property to ensure all contaminants have been eliminated and all your concerns have been addressed. It will be like we were never even there. 

Did you know that the most common causes of sewer backup include: 


  • Location backup - If your city or town is experiencing a backup in its sewage line, this wastewater can overflow and end up in your property’s basement (sewage cleanup in basements is one of our most common work orders), drains, and toilets. 
  • Mother Nature - The roots of trees on your property and beyond can make their way through pipelines which can damage, crack or even break sewage pipes. 
  • Blockage - Solid objects including garbage, plastic, diapers, wet wipes, and feminine sanitary products are the major culprits of sewage backup. 
  • Structural Issues - Pipe issues including collapse, holes, cracks, and misalignment can cause serious sewage overflows. 


We reiterate that it is most essential that you contact our team immediately if a sewage backup has occurred on your property. Sewer backups are emergencies. 


We are armed with the knowledge and equipped with the tools needed to ensure that we can safely remove any amount of sewage spill from your property. We won’t leave until your property is completely hygienic and free from diseases and harmful bacteria.


It’s time to get rid of all the stress and stink from your sewage backup. To learn more about our sewage cleanup services and/or to arrange for a FREE instant quote for your sewage backup, you can contact us via phone or by email.

We at water damage long Island provide free quote right over the phone